【Zodiac Interpretation】SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21)

【Zodiac Interpretation】SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21)

Freedom, spontaneity and enthusiasm are fundamental to Sagittarius. Sagittarius may seem frivolous, but they are actually a visionary and an exploratory sign who wants to go farther than they have ever gone before, and all new horizons and things are an exciting adventure for them. With Jupiter's influence, they tend to be more responsive to everything, which means that Sagittarius prefers abstract patterns and strong contrasting colours.



Sagittarius (22th November- 21st December)

  • Element: passion, boldness, directness and courage of the fire element.

  • Mode: Mutable

  • Type: philosopher, gypsy, student

  • Ruling planet: Jupiter, the planet of expansion and auspiciousness



There are two versions of Sagittarius in ancient Greek mythology and ancient Roman mythology with different protagonists. In ancient Greek mythology, Sagittarius is associated with Sadune and Clotos, while in ancient Roman mythology, Sagittarius refers to Chiron, the wise Chiron, but most people use Chiron's version, so let's share the ancient Roman version.


The son of Kronos, the god of time - the Centaur Karon, who was a half-human, half-horse monster with an immortal body. The exception to the barbaric reputation of the centaurs, Kahlon was so learned and knowledgeable that many people sought his advice. He was the teacher of Hercules, the son of Zeus, and under his tutelage many famous heroes were born.

Unfortunately, an accident led to his death. One day, Hercules and the centaur were in a fierce conflict, and on the way to kill the centaur bandit, Hercules decided to stop the dispute by using an indestructible arrow, which pierced through the body of the centaur bandit, but at the same time, the arrow hit Karon in the knee. The pain of not being able to die made his life a living hell.

So it happened that Prometheus was tied to the Caucasus by Zeus for stealing fire from the sky for human use. Zeus finally lamented his talent and raised Kharoon to the sky as a Sagittarius.


Sagittarius under different planets


Sun Sagittarius - Hates fetters, has a strong curiosity and goes on adventures because of it. With the attitude of being optimistic and idealistic, he/she exudes a friendly attitude and values freedom and honesty.

Moon Sagittarius - Loves the feeling of freedom, comfort in travelling, exploring and being outdoors, as well as the inner satisfaction of aiming at personal ideas and beliefs.

Mercury Sagittarius - Communicates with optimism, trust, openness, enthusiasm and tolerance and is driven by constant learning to move towards his or her ideals. When thinking and analysing, one focuses on the long term rather than the trivial.

Venus Sagittarius - Expresses emotions in a free, passionate and idealistic way, and takes a tolerant and open attitude towards love and intimacy. The relationship is characterised by a high degree of personal conviction and goal orientation. 

Mars Sagittarius - Honest, idealistic, energetic, impulsive and immature, also with a tendency to stimulate physical energy and sexual drive through adventurous activities.

Jupiter Sagittarius - A constant desire to be better and to take advantage of opportunities to pursue longer-term goals, but is prone to carelessness and to focus on the possibilities of the moment.

Saturn Sagittarius - Under the influence of Saturn, the person is more inclined to take a steady and conservative approach to ideals and beliefs, and to see planning and the pursuit of ideas as security and satisfaction.

Uranus Sagittarius - Seeking to think and live freshly, this person travels abroad frequently and has a tendency to emigrate. He/she enjoys exploring different foreign countries and will use the internet to achieve his ideals and ideas.

Neptune Sagittarius - Intuitive and unconventional in the way,  he/she interprets things, he/she is very insightful in his thinking and has a talent for languages.

Pluto Sagittarius - Averse to restraint and unable to stay in the same place for too long, even when things are going well, he/she likes to disrupt and break away in search of a higher position or to rebuild another success.



(*Please choose based on Ascendant Sagittarius or Sun Sagittarius.)







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