【Zodiac Interpretation】SCORPIO (October 22 to November 21)

【Zodiac Interpretation】SCORPIO (October 22 to November 21)

Petty, revenge, full of mystery ...... these are generally the general impression on Scorpio, but actually Scorpio also has a lovely side! Although they are cold in appearance, after getting to know them better, they are very passionate, sensitive, direct to all their favorite things, and handle things very clearly between black and white. Although the preferences of Scorpios are usually emotional and bold, at BAI Paris you will find elegant pieces for Scorpio girls.



Scorpio (10/22 - 11/21)

  • Element: mystery, loyalty, passion, sensuality of the water element

  • Pattern: Fixed

  • Prototype: detective, magician, hypnotist

  • Guardian: Mars (classical astrology) for passion, triumph and audacity, Pluto (modern astrology) for survival and death and taboos



Orion is a young, good-looking, hunting giant, who is also the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea, with a faithful hound by his side. Once, due to the mischief of Eros, the young goddess of love, Artemis, the goddess of the moon and hunting, fell in love with Orion, and they began to meet often in private. One day, the love affair was discovered by Artemis' brother, Apollo, the god of the sun, but Apollo didn't like their relationship and decided to stop his sister.

So Apollo took advantage of the fact that Orion was hunting at sea one day and asked his sister to join him in the air, asking her to perform her shooting skills. Apollo asked his sister Artemis to aim at a small black spot on the sea. But when she descended from the air to see her prey, she found that it was her beloved Orion, who died before she could say anything.

When Zeus heard about this, he sorrowfully placed Orion in the sky and made him the constellation Orion, and also transformed his faithful hound, who was said to have died without food or drink, into the constellation Canis Major, and found a companion for the dog to become Canis Minor. 

After becoming the constellation of Orion, Orion proudly said, "No prey can escape him. This arrogant attitude inadvertently angered Hera, the Queen of Heaven, so she sent a poisonous scorpion to attack Orion from the dark. Although Orion defeated the scorpion, he was poisoned by the scorpion's attack during the fight. Finally, the scorpion was raised to the sky and became the Scorpion, and once in the sky, they were enemies of each other and lived far away from each other, and whenever the Scorpion rose, Orion left.



Scorpio under different planets

Solar Scorpio - Prefers to penetrate the surface of experience through strong emotions and intuition, obsession with emotions, reluctance to open up or fear of losing control which hinders the expression of creativity.

Moon Scorpio - Reacts with controlled emotional power, fierce and passionate. The ability to penetrate to the bottom of things, to understand the underlying causes of events, and to imagine the terrible motivations within others, and finally, the fear of injury and loss of control, which may lead to emotional repression.

Mercury Scorpio - communicates in a powerful, profound, passionate (not verbal) way, and also feels an intimate connection with others through communication. It enjoys exploring the core of things to achieve learning goals, and all learning interests can be deepened thoroughly. However, an overly intense, capricious, emotional nature of the mind can hinder the understanding of harmful things.

Venus Scorpio - Expresses emotions with intensity, passion, obsession, and extreme feelings, and is limited in love and social expression by a tendency to keep secrets and a reluctance to trust others. To feel intimacy with others, it is necessary to penetrate the core nature of the relationship with intense emotional power.

Mars Scorpio - A strong, attractive, passionate sense of self-assertion, a strong uncontrollable desire to overcome reality to stimulate physical energy and an aggressive spirit that is persistent when working toward a goal. Conservative tendencies, self-defense, and a strong desire to control can hinder the ability to make decisions and express personal freedom.

Jupiter Scorpio - The ability to see the human situation precisely can lead to opportunities for growth; often the image of a resourceful or opportunistic person, who also seeks to be or is an opportunist by successfully transforming inner desires and compulsive behaviors and by understanding the inner workings of life.

Saturn Scorpio - The self will be built and retained through control of intense passion and accumulation. Fear of expression and reluctance to face deep inner emotions creates a rigid, stereotypical personality and unintentional "freezing" of feelings, making it difficult to achieve deep satisfaction in life.

Uranus Scorpio - A strong desire to control, a strong belief in decisive action, a fiery temperament and a cruel decision to change things, no matter how destructive. You are very strong in action and determination, and you are willing to accept challenges in the face of new things, but you are jealous and even vindictive of those who have succeeded in the face of setbacks.

Neptune Scorpio - Your inner self is full of strong emotions and confusion, and your subconscious is confused and restless in the arts, such as confused, intense rock music, or even using drugs or alcohol to numb yourself. The ability to understand the deepest voices of the mind, the ability to penetrate and see.

Pluto Scorpio - Habitually hides his emotions and thoughts, and has a strong tolerance for hardship. It's also more extreme when it comes to dealing with others. In your point of view, there is only a clear right and wrong, there is no middle ground.




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