GIANNI BAGUETTE : The Stylish Transformation of a Classic Design

GIANNI BAGUETTE : The Stylish Transformation of a Classic Design

The best-selling Gianni bag has transformed and evolved into the Gianni Baguette?

” Baguette” means "French stick bread" in French and it is a popular bag shape in France in recent years. It features a long, narrow, and rectangular design that resembles the traditional French baguette bread, hence the name.

The Gianni Baguette is crafted from soft calf leather, with the leather sourced from Italian tanneries. It has a softer structure compared to the Gianni, and its elongated shape is complemented by the brand's exclusive Diapason turn-lock closure. The bag is equipped with compartments at the back and lined with suede leather.

This new version of the baguette bag comes with two different-sized shoulder straps, allowing you to wear it crossbody, short shoulder, or on the shoulder. If you're looking for a practical bag that effortlessly transitions from day to evening wear, it's the ideal choice!

Which one should you choose, the Gianni or the Gianni Baguette?

The Gianni family is growing, making it increasingly difficult to choose the right color and size. Are you struggling to decide? Let us provide some suggestions!

Gianni is designed for daily outings, with a larger space and spacious compartments. Its leather is thicker, making it a perfect shoulder bag.

Gianni Baguette is softer, thinner, and lighter. It's the ideal choice for carrying essentials during the day and can also be worn with a shorter shoulder strap, creating a more refined look for the evening.

If these explanations don't help with your hesitation... you can also bring them both home! :)



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