French Niche Brand | Get Your Exquisite Handbags Without Flying to Paris - Léo et Violette

French Niche Brand | Get Your Exquisite Handbags Without Flying to Paris - Léo et Violette

What is your favorite way to reward yourself and make yourself happy?

Is it meeting up with friends and tasting delicious cuisine after a hard day's work,

or visiting bookstores and flipping through books on a leisurely holiday to recharge yourself,

or perhaps purchasing a long-awaited dream item at each milestone as a reward, such as an annual bag?


Speaking of annual bags, it's a way for many girls to reward themselves after a year of hard work. Are you the same?

But since it's such a commemorative bag, how can we settle for just any bag?

Of course, it has to be exquisitely crafted and unique, right?

Today, I want to recommend the bags from the Parisian brand Léo et Violette for everyone!


Many girls may initially lean towards luxury brands when choosing their annual bags. They might think that if they're going to spend money on a bag as a commemoration, it should be a recognizable luxury brand, as if that's the only worthy choice.

However, these Parisian bags, with their exquisite craftsmanship and unique designs, not only possess the same refined quality as luxury bags but also stand out as one-of-a-kind.

No need to worry about running into someone with the same bag, and most importantly, every penny you have worked hard to earn will be well-spent.



"A bag is not just an accessory; it is an expression of unique style and personal taste."

I believe this statement can serve as the motto for every girl obsessed with bags.

Don't underestimate the impact a bag, as an accessory, can have on your overall outfit - it can bring about a wonderful transformation!

And a French boutique leather bag, handmade by artisans, is on par with luxury brand bags in terms of design, exquisite appearance, practical considerations, and even details such as stitching and hardware.

(And the price of French boutique bags is much more adorable ... ;) )


【 Parisian niche brand - that Combine Elegance, Timelessness, and Practicality

We want to introduce Léo et Violette, the Parisian niche brand, a small-scale bag brand loved by fashionable people in Paris, France.

Léo et Violette was founded in 2013 by Léo Dominguez and Violette Polchi, a lovely couple in Paris.

 All products of Léo et Violette are designed in their studio in Paris, and each piece embodies the brand's core values of providing elegant, timeless, and practical products.

Violette takes charge of the design, and the development and production take place in workshops in Italy and Spain. All the leather used by the brand comes from Italy, ensuring excellent quality in terms of texture and materials.

If you're looking for niche brand handbags from France and want the quality to rival luxury bags but at a more affordable price, Léo et Violette is a brand you absolutely cannot miss!

In addition to maintaining quality standards with suppliers, this beautiful Parisian brand Léo et Violette also places great emphasis on social responsibility.

The leather materials used by Léo et Violette are also collecting recycled leather from the food industry, and they collaborate with tanneries in Italy, France, and Spain, managing the quality of each supplier to ensure that all materials used meet the brand's manufacturing standards. This allows every consumer to purchase high-quality products at a reasonable price.



Apart from quality management with suppliers, the French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette also prioritizes environmental conservation.

Léo et Violette is increasingly offering boutique bags made with vegetable-tanned leather.

For example, all the suede leather and certain small leather goods are made using the vegetable tanning process, which is less polluting and completely natural.

By using these products that combine texture and beauty, users can contribute to the environment while enjoying them.


Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the top three sources of pollution in the world?

The rise of fast fashion, constant product turnover, and the demand for exotic leathers...

For many years, people's pursuit of fashion has far exceeded practical needs, leading to mountains of discarded clothes, the exploitation of animals for their fur and skins, and the harsh reality of sweatshop labor and environmental degradation in the fashion industry.


However, the fashion industry is gradually undergoing a transformation.More and more brands are striving for sustainable development, changing the materials they use, altering their production processes, and addressing labor inequality. They are taking steps towards a better future.

Since its establishment, the French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette has upheld the belief in sustainability and has already spent over a decade on this journey.


We believe that "environmental protection" and "sustainability" will be the trends and inevitable direction of the future world, and as consumers, we have the power to choose and bring about change.




【 Parisian Niche Brand Recommendation - The Concept of Investing in Your Wardrobe 】

The French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette, which values timelessness, practicality, and elegance in its brand philosophy, coincides with the concept of "investing in your wardrobe" that BAI Paris has been promoting. We all hope that every collector can purchase enduring and beautiful items from BAI Paris, and we also hope that all the exquisite pieces from BAI Paris can accompany girls for a long time. Therefore, when selecting brands, BAI Paris is committed to providing girls with various high-quality items. We hope that every time you wear or use a BAI Paris selection, you can feel the same excitement they felt when they first discovered it.


This shared philosophy has brought about recognition and collaboration, and in 2022, BAI Paris became the exclusive authorized retailer for the French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette in Taiwan. Now, you don't have to fly to Paris; you can buy Léo et Violette's high-quality boutique French bags in Taiwan.


【 Parisian Niche Brand Recommendation - Essential for Professionals! 】

The French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette focuses on minimalist and elegant designs, emphasizing understated elegance and excellent leather craftsmanship. It is highly recommended for girls who love boutique French bags. Moreover, the prices are reasonable and affordable, making them suitable for girls on a budget.


French Boutique Bag Brand Recommendation | For Professionals (1) - ELEGANT

Next, let's introduce several bag recommendations from the French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette that are suitable for professionals. You can purchase all the recommended bags in this article on the BAI Paris official website.


The first bag recommended for professionals from the French boutique brand Léo et Violette is the "ELEGANT BAG" which has long been a favorite among BAI girls.

The ELEGANT BAG has been a bestseller since the establishment of BAI Paris and is one of the classic choices from the entry-level French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette. It perfectly showcases Léo et Violette's minimalist and fashionable genes with its exquisite craftsmanship and practical capacity design. It can be carried on the shoulder or by hand, making it an essential annual bag for professional women.


French Boutique Bag Brand Recommendation | For Professionals (2) - LAURENCE

The second bag recommended for professional girls from the French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette is the stylish "LAURENCE SHOULDER BAG" with a touch of vintage. The most distinctive and eye-catching feature of the LAURENCE SHOULDER BAG from Léo et Violette is the Y-shaped metal closure design, which interprets vintage modernity perfectly.




LAURENCE SHOULDER BAG meets the needs of professional girls in terms of capacity. It has a practical size and an adjustable shoulder strap, making it suitable for daily use. Moreover, the LAURENCE SHOULDER BAG is available in three colors: glossy black, glossy brown, and glossy cream, allowing it to match various outfit styles. It's a must-have for girls who love boutique French bags.


French Boutique Bag Brand Recommendation | For Professionals (3) - DINO & GINA

Do you like shoulder bags with zipper closures? Next, let's recommend two zipper-style bags from the French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette for professional girls: the DINO SHOULDER BAG and the GINA SHOULDER BAG.


The ivory-white "DINO SHOULDER BAG" features a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, minimalist leather surface design, and a large capacity, presenting the most classic and practical bag style. It's undoubtedly the most suitable choice for professional girls in a work setting. In addition to the practical zipper design, the DINO SHOULDER BAG from Léo et Violette also features a metal closure detail made of ivory-white leather combined with metal, adding a touch of uniqueness and texture to the zipper-style shoulder bag.


The second bag recommended from the French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette is the "GINA SHOULDER BAG" which also has a detachable and adjustable strap design. It is equally practical and suitable for daily life and various occasions. Coupled with its minimalist yet detailed stitching design, it will never go out of style. The best part is that the

GINA SHOULDER BAG comes in three different color options: the unique and gentle lotus gray, the timeless classic black, and the ivory white. Which color do you prefer?


French Boutique Bag Brand Recommendation | For Professionals (4) - PRIMO

Attention, girls who love bags with large capacity! Let's recommend the "PRIMO BAG" from the French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette. The PRIMO Shoulder Bag, with dimensions of 35 x 28 x 11 cm, can easily accommodate a laptop and other office supplies, making it truly one of the must-have bags for professional women.




The large-capacity PRIMO BAG features a front flap push-lock design, exuding a natural and confident aura when carried. It is made of classic black genuine leather, and the flap is adorned with a matching lizard-embossed pattern, giving this Léo et Violette bag a unique atmosphere and personality. It's a must-have for girls who appreciate a confident and carefree style.

【Parisian Niche Brand Recommendation- Essential for Dates! 】

After recommending several suitable bags from the French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette for working professionals, let's not forget about the bags that are essential for dates! In the world of dating, it's important to have a bag that can accompany you and enhance your elegance. Now, let's dive into the "must-have" bags from the French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette! Check them out and find your favorite!


French Boutique Bag Brand Recommendation | Essential for Dates (1) - DALIA & MINI DALIA

When it comes to "must-have" bags for dates, the focus is not on large capacity like work bags. For the bags essential for dating from the French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette, compact size, stylish design, and eye-catching colors are what girls care about.


The first recommended "must-have" bag for dates from the French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette is the "DALIA SHOULDER BAG"! The DALIA Shoulder Bag comes in two sizes: the regular DALIA and the MINI version. Girls can choose the size based on their body type or preference.

The DALIA SHOULDER BAG from the French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette follows their consistent design philosophy of simplicity and elegance. It features a front flap push-lock closure design, and the delicate gold hardware adds a touch of sophistication to the bag. It can be worn on the shoulder or carried as a handbag, offering versatility for various dating occasions. The best part is that Léo et Violette offers a wide range of colors for the DALIA SHOULDER BAG, and the colors for the DALIA and MINI DALIA versions are different, making it even harder for girls to choose!


In addition to the classic black, ivory white, and unique lotus gray, the DALIA SHOULDER BAG also comes in caramel tones and versatile brown. As for the MINI DALIA , besides the classic black and white, it offers an elegant and sophisticated lotus gray option. Moreover, there's a perfect color for spring and summer called "Greyish Blue". It's undeniable that Léo et Violette truly understands what girls love!


French Niche Brand Recommendation | Essential for Dates (2) - NOVA & MINI NOVA

Attention, girls who love square-shaped bags! As the exclusive authorized retailer of Léo et Violette in Taiwan, BAI Paris would never miss the opportunity to bring different designs to girls. They strive to bring all the beautiful things back to Taiwan for girls to enjoy.


The second recommendation for the "must-have" bags from the French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette for dates is the "NOVA SHOULDER BAG" and the "MINI NOVA SHOULDER BAG", both featuring a square-shaped design. Similar to the DALIA and MINI DALIA bags introduced earlier, the NOVA and MINI NOVA share the same design but differ in size and colors.



The regular-sized NOVA SHOULDER BAG comes in two colors. The classic black is a must-have basic color, and the other color is a very elegant and unique "Burgundy". Burgundy is a color that French girls love to use in bags, as it adds a touch of brightness to outfits. As for the MINI NOVA SHOULDER BAG, you can also find two color options on the BAI Paris official website. One is the ivory white, and the other is the refreshing "Greyish Blue" perfect for summer.


French Niche Brand Recommendation | Essential for Dates (3) - GIANNI & GIANNI BAGUETTE 

Last but not least, the third recommendation for the perfect date bags from the French boutique bag brand Léo et Violette is the "GIANNI SHOULDER BAG" and the "GIANNI BAGUETTE SHOULDER BAG"!




 The GIANNI Shoulder Bag is a new design introduced by Léo et Violette in 2022 and has been a favorite among French girls ever since. And guess what? A year later, this GIANNI SHOULDER BAG has transformed and evolved into the GIANNI BAGUETTE SHOULDER BAG!

Baguette means "French baguette" in French and is also a popular narrow and elongated bag shape in France. Its shape resembles the traditional French baguette bread, hence the name Baguette.

What is the difference between GIANNI and GIANNI BAGUETTE, two niche French bags? Both are designed by the French niche brand Léo et Violette, and although they share the name GIANNI, they have subtle differences.


The GIANNI BAGUETTE is made of soft calfskin leather, which makes its structure softer compared to GIANNI. The bag features a long rectangular shape, a Diapason turn lock exclusive to the brand, a back compartment, and a suede lining. The GIANNI BAGUETTE is an improved version of the new baguette-style, with two different-sized shoulder straps that allow for crossbody, short shoulder, or shoulder carry, making it versatile and suitable for both day and evening outfits.

GIANNI, on the other hand, is designed as a leather bag for daily use. Its shorter length gives it a more casual vibe. In comparison, GIANNI offers more space with a spacious compartment and thicker leather. These features make it a perfect everyday shoulder bag.

So, which one is your essential bag for a date? If you have a hard time choosing, don't worry. These French niche bags are both high-quality and reasonably priced, so you can consider taking your favorite one home without hesitation!

Girls who love the GIANNI SHOULDER BAG style are welcome to visit the BAI Paris official website for purchase. Both GIANNI and GIANNI BAGUETTE shoulder bags come in a variety of colors for you to choose from!


【 Parisian Niche Bag Brand Recommendation - Casual and Elegant! 】

Are you still not satisfied with the bag recommendations for working professionals and essential for dates? Do you want to explore more designs from the French niche brand Léo et Violette? Finally, we recommend two "casual yet elegant" bag styles from the French niche brand Léo et Violette for girls who love casual daily outfits.


French Niche Brand Recommendation | Casual and Elegant (1) - MINI VIOLETTE

The first recommended casual bag from the French niche brand Léo et Violette is the "MINI VIOLETTE SHOULDER BAG"! The MINI VIOLETTE is a brown suede leather bucket bag with a genuine leather lining, adjustable shoulder strap, drawstring closure, and a detachable zipper pocket. Although it has a more casual design, its attention to detail is still evident.


With a lightweight of less than 0.5 kilograms and flexible capacity, as well as a cute drawstring design, it meets the needs of daily life. Moreover, it comes in two sizes, making it suitable for outings in the countryside, shopping trips with friends, or afternoon tea dates.


French Niche Bag Brand Recommendation | Casual and Elegant (2) - BACKPACK

Finally, let's introduce the last bag recommendation from the French niche brand Léo et Violette! Are you looking for a bag that combines casual and elegant elements? Girls can consider the unique backpack from the French niche brand Léo et Violette.


The "BACKPACK" is different from the usual backpacks we see. It not only has a distinctive color scheme but also features genuine leather construction and clever design. The BACKPACK is predominantly caramel brown, which is very eye-catching. It also has a lizard-embossed detail on the flip cover of the buckle closure, adding a touch of personality to the backpack. Whether used as a school bag or a casual bag, it is highly suitable.


Here, we have compiled all the bag designs from the French niche brand Léo et Violette and categorized them into three different daily themes: bags suitable for work, bags suitable for dates, and casual bag styles. We hope this article provides inspiration for your outfits and helps you choose beautiful items. You can find all the Léo et Violette bags on the BAI Paris official website. Just a secret tip: Many styles have limited stock! If you're interested, take action quickly and bring home these French niche bags that combine craftsmanship, artistry, practicality, and environmental friendliness.

GIANNI BAGUETTE : The Stylish Transformation of a Classic Design
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