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BAI Paris embodies the quintessential Parisian spirit, offering a curated collection of niche brands and hidden gems that are worth discovering. The brand's focus on investment pieces reflects the belief that quality should be a priority when building a wardrobe.

Like a seasoned collector, BAI Paris has an eye for desirable treasures that effortlessly match everything, allowing individuals to express their unique personalities through their style choices.

Antiques, modern, seasoned with passion

由 Phoebe BAI 創立,身為生活探索家的她,憑著滿腔熱情以及多年巴黎從時尚採購和電子商務的工作經驗,開始了 BAI PARIS 的選品工作,她希望能夠這些美物與世界分享自己對古典藝術美學的熱愛。

自 2020 年 5 月推出以來,BAI PARIS 旨在為世界各地的女孩們推出高品質配飾。 隨著來自巴黎的小眾設計師品牌的數量增加,我們很快將帶來更多來自其他歐洲國家的美物,以及每兩週一次的新品到貨,BAI PARIS 是您尋找獨特作品的最佳時尚目的地。

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