【Zodiac Interpretation】LEO ( July 23 to August 23 )

【Zodiac Interpretation】LEO ( July 23 to August 23 )

People born under the sign of Leo naturally exude leadership qualities. They are courageous, noble, respected by others, and brimming with confidence. Additionally, Leos enjoy being the center of attention. In terms of fashion taste, they lean towards vibrant colors like royal blue and warm, energetic hues. They embrace a lavish style, often donning shimmering gold attire, showcasing a distinctive and individualistic flair.



LEO ( July 23rd to August 23rd )

  • Element: Passionate, bold, direct, and courageous fire element.
  • Mode: Fixed
  • Archetypes: King/Queen, performer, child, jester
  • Ruling Planet: The Sun, representing self-image and willpower.



According to myth and legend, Hercules was a legendary hero, the son of Zeus and Alcmene. Hercules was renowned for his incredible strength and courage, accomplishing numerous challenging tasks and adventures. One of his significant missions involved the origin of the constellation Leo. He was tasked with conquering a massive lion, a creature born of the Moon goddess Selene and the war god Ares. This ferocious lion dwelled in a cave and posed a threat to the safety of local residents.

Fearlessly, Hercules confronted this lion, engaging in a fierce battle using his unmatched strength and courage. Ultimately, he successfully overcame the lion and wore its skin as a trophy.

To commemorate Hercules's heroic deeds, Zeus immortalized his image in the sky, forming the constellation Leo. Within the realm of constellations, Leo symbolizes strength, courage, leadership qualities, and majesty.

Hence, the origin story of Leo is intertwined with the legendary tale of Hercules battling the lion from ancient Greek mythology, incorporating these qualities into the symbolism of the Leo zodiac sign.


Leo under different planets

Sun in Leo

Individuals with the Sun in Leo showcase themselves with warm, outgoing vitality and a desire for continuous attention. Their creative energy is always exaggerated and filled with dramatic colors. Sun in Leo individuals are confident and proud, yet also sincere and childlike, often making decisions guided by their emotions.


Moon in Leo

Those with the Moon in Leo respond to life with warmth, generosity, and enthusiasm. They use humor and exaggeration to cope with life's pressures, but their simplicity, excessive self-confidence, and pride can sometimes hinder their understanding of others' feelings.


Mercury in Leo

People with Mercury in Leo communicate in an energetic, radiant, and proudly confident manner. Their passion and strong will encourage them to build relationships, with their communication style full of drama and humor. However, their thinking tends to be more emotional and intuitive due to their self-assured and proud nature, rather than strictly logical.


Venus in Leo

Individuals with Venus in Leo express their emotions in a dramatic and passionate manner, heavily influenced by high self-esteem and desires. They exhibit optimism, generosity, and loyalty in social activities and love. They always crave to be the center of attention, but their tendency to control others' emotions can hinder deep emotional connections.


Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo individuals assert themselves dramatically, warmly, in a dazzling manner, and with pride. They exhibit strong self-esteem, an urgent need for approval, and may have demanding tendencies in matters of sex and physicality.


Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Leo individuals seek growth and self-improvement through creativity, vitality, and support for others. Their exaggerated personalities stem from pride and a desire for recognition. They need to leave a profound impression on others to build their self-confidence.


Saturn in Leo

Those with Saturn in Leo stabilize themselves through creative activities, self-expression, and maintaining loyal, disciplined emotions. They yearn for security through outstanding achievements but may sometimes lack confidence in their own worth and strengths.


Uranus in Leo

Individuals with Uranus in Leo are not bound by traditional moral constraints. They possess a strong desire for expression and leadership, feeling good about themselves and daring to challenge authority and traditional beliefs. However, they can sometimes appear self-centered, stubborn, and struggle to fit into groups.


Neptune in Leo

Neptune in Leo individuals enjoy self-expression and fully utilize their strengths. However, their excessive expressions can come across as contrived. They pursue pleasure but may have weak concepts of money and financial management, leading to economic difficulties.


Pluto in Leo

Pluto in Leo individuals are highly independent and enjoy using their power to control others, always seeking to be the center of attention. They possess a strong desire for control and the ability to influence interpersonal relationships.




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