Elegance is our middle name

BAI Paris is the modern shopping destination

for unique styles seekers.

BAI Paris embodies the quintessential Parisian spirit, offering a curated collection of niche brands and hidden gems that are worth discovering. The brand's focus on investment pieces reflects the belief that quality should be a priority when building a wardrobe.

Like a seasoned collector, BAI Paris has an eye for desirable treasures that effortlessly match everything, allowing individuals to express their unique personalities through their style choices.

Antiques, modern, seasoned with passion

Founded by Phoebe BAI, an enthusiasm life explorer. With her experience working in fashion buying and e-commerce in this important fashion capital for years, she has realized her love of vintage and contemporary in her curation of BAI PARIS.

Since our launch in May 2020, BAI PARIS aims to introduce high-quality accessories to beautiful women all around the world. With the growing number of niche designer brands from Paris, soon from other beautiful European countries, and new arrivals on site every 2 weeks, BAI PARIS is your fashion destination for unique pieces.

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