【Zodiac Interpretation】PISCES (February 20 to March 20)

【Zodiac Interpretation】PISCES (February 20 to March 20)

The Pisces, always mysterious, has different faces in different situations. However, Pisces are often described as romantic, gentle, and sympathetic to others. Unlike other zodiac signs, Pisces have strong individual traits. They are like watercolors that blend with each other and are flexible and idealistic. Pisces prefer a graceful and comfortable style and do not have any particular color 



Pisces (20th February - 20th March)

  • Element: Mysterious, loyal, passionate, and emotional water element. 

  • Mode: Mutable 

  • Prototype: Mystic, dreamer, poet. Guardian 

  • Planet: Jupiter, with the ability to expand and called the "lucky star" (classical astrology), and Neptune, a mysterious, imaginative planet (modern astrology).



Pisces, known for their enigmatic nature, reveal different facets in various circumstances. However, they are commonly characterised as romantic, gentle, and empathetic individuals. Unlike other zodiac signs, Pisces possess distinctive qualities. They resemble watercolors blending seamlessly, adaptable and driven by idealism. When it comes to style, Pisces gravitate towards a graceful and comfortable aesthetic, without specific color preferences.


Pisces under different planets

Sun in Pisces

The Sun in Pisces harnesses intuitive abilities to express creative power, embodying a sympathetic and generous nature. They possess a deep empathy for others and can offer healing sympathy to those in need.


Moon in Pisces

Individuals with the Moon in Pisces respond with sensitivity, empathy, and a tendency to seek escape and idealization. They often rely on imagination and daydreams to find emotional solace. With a healing and empathetic nature, they have the ability to nourish others in humanitarian or spiritual roles. They may have a vague sense of self-awareness, but it doesn't hinder their understanding or self-confidence.


Mercury in Pisces

Those with Mercury in Pisces communicate with sensitivity, idealism, poetic imagination, and empathy. They establish spiritual and mental connections with others through various forms of communication. Their rationality and discernment can be clouded by confusion, daydreaming, and self-deception.


Venus in Pisces

Individuals with Venus in Pisces express their emotions in a sensitive, warm, and sympathetic manner. They are willing to give selflessly and seek to create romantic and harmonious emotional connections. However, they may be reserved when it comes to expressing their inner feelings.


Mars in Pisces

With a kind-hearted and idealistic nature, individuals with Mars in Pisces approach self-assertion through empathy and joyful means. Their drive and willpower are infused with sensitivity and compassion. Their physicality and sexuality are often influenced by dreams, emotions, and feelings, which can make them prone to impulsive behaviors.


Jupiter in Pisces
Those with Jupiter in Pisces seek personal growth and self-improvement by living out their personal beliefs, displaying empathy, and embodying a generous spirit. Developing sensitivity and compassion is crucial for them to acquire knowledge, while their compassionate hearts are rooted in sympathy for the suffering masses.


Saturn in Pisces

The tendency to escape reality may impede or delay fulfilling responsibilities, while excessive worry or a conservative mindset can hinder the achievement of grand visions. Those with Saturn in Pisces need to express sensitivity and release emotions to attain psychological stability. They must restrain the inclination to escape and cultivate a healing and compassionate mindset through disciplined efforts.


Uranus in Pisces

Individuals with Uranus in Pisces are highly changeable and often rely on intuition to guide their actions, sometimes neglecting practical considerations, which can make them appear unreliable. They possess a strong sense of intuition and hold high ideals.


Neptune in Pisces
Those with Neptune in Pisces seek a harmonious life and naturally possess a romantic and sensitive disposition. They are often deeply moved by their emotions, which can manifest as fragility at times. Their ideas are innovative, but they may struggle with translating them into action. They tend to have a negative outlook on life and struggle to accept setbacks.


Pluto in Pisces

With a vivid imagination and penchant for daydreaming, individuals with Pluto in Pisces can engage in extreme behaviors, even sacrificing themselves for their beliefs. They can inspire others to create artistic works, but their personal drive may be low. They are emotionally sensitive, and any negative experiences can lead to significant emotional fluctuations, resulting in a pessimistic perspective.



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