LISON - Surreal Daydream Creations with Children

LISON - Surreal Daydream Creations with Children

"Nice to meet you, Lison"

In a state of half-slumber, half-awareness, let your imagination take the lead. Close your eyes and let the images transport you to a magical and unknown place, where the boundaries of reality become blurred.


An homage to daydreaming, love, and creativity...

Like a game of Exquisite Corpse, the symbols intertwine randomly to create vivid and enchanting jewelry that evokes the aesthetics of surrealism.



The Lison capsule collection comprises nine exquisite and poetic creations. Delicate gilded symbols mingle with semi-precious stones of vibrant colors, radiating brilliance when touched by light.


The beginning of this collection

On a warm summer afternoon, Louise, while carrying Lison, her second daughter, sat at the table in her garden. Guided solely by her imagination, she meticulously sculpted each symbol that would become part of this collection: a mouth, a flower, a heart, a rose, an eye, a moon. This collection rekindles her initial passion for sculpture, which she had studied in New York; it is her affinity for craftsmanship that led her to craft her own jewelry.


 "Imaginary is what tends to become real."

- André Breton



Surrealism fosters the unrestrained expression of thoughts, creativity, and desires in a pure and instinctive manner. It erases the distinction between dreams and reality, urging society to embrace the invasion of imagination.



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