【Zodiac Interpretation】AQUARIUS (January 22 to February 19)

【Zodiac Interpretation】AQUARIUS (January 22 to February 19)

Aquarius, the most concerned about freedom and equality, believes that everyone has uniqueness and carries a curious nature. Compared to their zodiac sign, Aquarians are indeed more objective, which often leads to them being labeled as aloof and distant. However, they are actually one of the friendliest groups among the twelve zodiac signs because they genuinely desire to treat others with sincerity. Aquarians have broad inclusivity when it comes to styles and colors.

They appreciate both modern and vintage styles and prefer a mix of the two. They tend to reject overly glamorous styles and favor modest designs. Their fashion style has a strong personal touch, and some Aquarians are drawn to exotic flavors. Shades of aquamarine, electric blue, and teal are colors that easily captivate Aquarians.


Aquarius (22nd January - 19th February)

  • Element: Air element emphasizing communication and intelligence.

  • Mode: Fixed

  • Archetype: Genius, revolutionary, truth-teller, scientist, exile.

  • Ruling Planet: Saturn, representing repression, monotony, indifference, and the challenges of life lessons in classical astrology, and Uranus, representing non-traditional, new technology, and sudden events in modern astrology.



Ganymede, a shepherd boy living in Troy, was a remarkably beautiful youth, known for his "countenance that no woman could rival." This reputation reached the ears of Zeus, who became deeply attracted upon seeing Ganymede's beauty. Zeus transformed into a great eagle, abducted Ganymede, and bestowed upon him the gift of eternal youth, allowing him to be forever by his side. Whenever the gods held a feast, Ganymede would pour wine for everyone. His quick wit and nimble performance earned Zeus' deep admiration, and as a reward, he bestowed upon Ganymede an intelligent water jug, symbolizing wisdom. Eventually, Ganymede ascended to the heavens along with the water jug, becoming the constellation Aquarius.




Sun in Aquarius

Radiates friendly and community-oriented mental energy, enjoys expressing oneself with eccentric and experimental colors. Places great emphasis on humanitarian spirit and the world of knowledge. They seek security by developing and innovating ideas without limitations. With a detached objectivity, they react in novel and unexpected ways, requiring social interaction to find emotional focus. However, at the same time, they value independence, leading to difficulty in establishing emotional connections and a perception of detachment from their surroundings.


Mercury in Aquarius

Communicates from a detached position, open-minded, wise, and idealistic, often with a personal touch and a tendency to become fanatical. Possesses bold and innovative thinking, with a futuristic vision, exploring all possibilities. However, their thoughts are elusive, lacking logic and coherence, resulting in a lack of organization in expression.


Venus in Aquarius

Expresses emotions with freedom, nonconformity, and experimentalism. Enjoys exchanging joyful ideas and fanciful fantasies with loved ones. Approaches love and social interactions with a personal sense of freedom, often displaying extreme and rebellious traits. However, their disregard for conventional norms can hinder intimate relationships, giving others a sense of coldness and detachment.


Mars in Aquarius

Establishes a sense of self through independence, wisdom, and individualization, adopting a detached, scientific, and objective attitude toward things. Regarding sexuality, they stimulate their physical and sexual drives by embracing freedom, experimenting with rules, and exploring novel concepts. The rebellious factor in their character can hinder accomplishments but can also become a driving force for change.


Jupiter in Aquarius

Seeks growth and self-improvement through humanitarian ideals, intellectual development, and bold experimental spirit. Possesses unique and eccentric beliefs.


Saturn in Aquarius

Devoted to maintaining friendships and often harnesses this power for specific achievements. However, at the same time, their peculiar and extreme behavior can lead to missing opportunities for success. Their mentality becomes rigid, lacking a sense of social security, which hinders their ability to express themselves freely and independently.


Uranus in Aquarius

They do not rely on others, possess sharp intellect, and enjoy being unconventional, which can make them appear self-centered and arrogant. They prefer to think in humanitarian terms and persuade the masses and gain recognition in stubborn and eccentric ways.


Neptune in Aquarius

They have a strong spirit of universal love and approach others with this spirit, often helping them. However, their emphasis on universal love can lead to frequent ambiguity. They can handle life and work issues rationally.


Pluto in Aquarius

They seek liberation of thought and strive for a life of freedom and equality. They don't conform to traditional norms and often break established rules and situations. They demand innovation and enjoy reform, but they can easily clash with others due to their refusal to listen to opinions.




(*Please choose based on Ascendant Aquarius or Sun Aquarius.)








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