【Zodiac Interpretation】CANCER ( June 22 to July 22 )

【Zodiac Interpretation】CANCER ( June 22 to July 22 )

People born under the sign of Cancer are often regarded as warm, caring, and loving individuals. They value family and emotional connections, making their home the center of their lives. They are commonly referred to as the best moms, dads, or ideal partners. The colors associated with Cancer are white, silver, and pearl. Their clothing and accessories tend to feature light and pastel colors, with loose and flowing styles. They often appreciate antique or vintage aesthetics, leaning towards a more traditional taste.



CANCER ( June 22nd to July 22nd )

  •  Element: Mysterious, loyal, passionate, and emotional water element
  • Mode: Cardinal
  • Archetypes: Mother, healer, and caregiver
  • Ruling Planet: The Moon, governing emotions, reactions, motherhood, security, and memories



The origin of the Cancer sign can be traced back to an ancient Greek myth involving the goddess Hera and her beloved pet crab. In the story, Hera, the goddess of marriage and family, became jealous when her husband Zeus started playing games with other goddesses. To please her and win her affection, Zeus created a beautiful crab and gifted it to her. This crab had a shimmering and colorful shell with powerful defensive abilities. Hera cherished the crab so much that she placed it in the sky, and it became the Cancer constellation.

The symbolism of the Cancer sign is closely tied to Hera and the concepts of family and home. Cancer is considered a symbol of family and homeland, carrying protective and nurturing traits. Thus, the origin of Cancer in Greek mythology, involving Hera and the crab, embodies these characteristics and represents their significance in the astrological meaning of Cancer.


Cancer under different planets

Sun in Cancer

Individuals with this placement display their personality through nurturing, sensitivity, and maternal traits. They tend to construct their inner world like a nurturing nest, which is hard for others to fully comprehend. Their expression and creative energy are influenced by personal emotional factors and require public recognition.


Moon in Cancer

People with this placement react with excessive sensitivity and protection towards themselves and others. They seek security through nurturing others or being nurtured by them. They possess keen intuitive and subtle emotional abilities, making them highly responsive to others' emotions and reactions, often driven by their own emotional state.


Mercury in Cancer

Communication is emotionally charged, intuitive, and sensitive. They have a habit of defending their ideas. They prefer to summarize information through various senses. While they have good memory and perseverance, subconscious biases and fears can often influence their objective understanding of things and their acceptance of new ideas.


Venus in Cancer

They express emotions through sensitivity, comfort, nurturing, and continuity. They feel most comfortable and at ease when nurtured or being part of a family unit. They enjoy being in their own home or familiar environments. Their desire for pleasure and intimacy can be affected by fickle emotions, shyness, a reluctance to express themselves, and excessive self-protection. Their sensitivity also makes them highly susceptible to being influenced by others' emotions.


Mars in Cancer

Their proactive spirit and willpower can be weakened by fluctuating emotions and self-defense mechanisms. However, they can take fearless actions for those they care about. Their physical energy, sexual drive, and decisiveness may be weakened by unconscious fears, but they can also be stimulated by feeling cared for and protected. They possess a natural instinct for self-defense and a precise sense of timing, persistently and intuitively pursuing desires.


Jupiter in Cancer

They seek growth and self-improvement through establishing family values and providing emotional support. Opportunities for growth come from their willingness to protect others and show empathy. They naturally understand people's need for security, exhibiting the generous and charitable side of Cancer traits.


Saturn in Cancer

They need to overcome the fear of their own sensitivity and weaknesses while strongly desiring self-protection to enhance their sense of security. Suppressing emotions excessively can lead to a rigid and empty psychological state.


Uranus in Cancer

Emotionally, they are dependent on family and loved ones. They are highly sensitive and have a strong desire for emotional freedom. Their thoughts may be contradictory and difficult to focus on, easily influenced by external factors. They experience significant emotional fluctuations.


Neptune in Cancer

They have a strong need for security and yearn for a stable living environment. They are very conscientious and responsible. They can be emotionally fragile, sentimental, and prone to letting their first impressions judge people and situations, which can cause them to miss out on many opportunities.


Pluto in Cancer

They are inclined to rely heavily on family and have a deep need for security. They may appear cautious and protective. Their emotions are often intense, and they tend to be sentimental. When dealing with public matters, they can easily lose sight of principles and fairness due to their emotionalism.



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